If Pervez Elahi video tape is true then it is big taint on character of judiciary: Ahsan


ISLAMABAD, Feb 17 (UNA): Federal minister Ahsan Iqbal has said the alleged videotape of former Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Chaudhry Pervez Elahi is not ordinary tape and if this tape is true then it will be big taint on the character of judiciary.
Talking to media men outside Supreme Court (SC) the alleged tape of Pervez Elahi has come wherein he is trying to go for match fixing with a judge of superior judiciary.
This tape has come as question mark on the character of the judiciary, he said adding like Pakistan Bar Council I will demand that it should be investigated.
If tape is false then those who are causing harm to judiciary should be punished and if it is true then it will be a big taint on character of judiciary. Those responsible for this audio leak should be punished. This all arrangement has been made by Imran Khan. Transparent investigation into audio leaks should be carried out.
The previous government is responsible for the prevailing economic instability. The country turns into jungle if the law is not upheld.
We cannot afford more judicial disputes in the prevailing situation when country is facing crisis. All will have to play their role with responsibility.
He underlined CPEC is very significant project for the development of the country.
He observed in the previous tenure of PML-N, the world countries were coming to Pakistan to make investment.
He claimed Imran Khan is debasing the courts.
I met with a head of larger business group of China and asked him he had come to Pakistan a few months earlier to set up big factory and he had selected land for it too. What happened with his project.
The businessman replied you remove prime minister within a seconds. I am investor and I will have to think about my amount of 2 billion dollars.
An independent judiciary is important to ensure rule of law in any country.
He stated that Nawaz Sharif was awarded punishment on baseless story. It has never happened so in the world that some one is awarded punishment of some other case in a case.

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