Indian cricketer attacked by female influencer on road


MUMBAI (INP): Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw faced a horrific incident after his fan and social media influencer Sapna Gill allegedly attacked him with a baseball bat over refusing selfies.

It seemed quite unfortunate that a brawl took place over ‘selfies.’ Yes, that’s what happened with cricketer Prithvi Shaw, who was allegedly manhandled outside a luxury hotel in Santacruz in Mumbai. A social media influencer by the name Sapna Gill and her friend got into a tiff with the celebrity, even reportedly tried to smash his BMW and hit him with a baseball bat over defying pictures.

According to the police complaint, Prithvi initially agreed to pose for a picture with Sapna Gill and her friend Shobhit Thakur. But he eventually objected to them as they repeatedly took selfies. The renowned personality had to eventually get help from a friend and the manager of the hotel, who made the duo back off.

Sapna Gill and Shobhit Thakur after being thrown out, waited with baseball bat and a few other armed tools. But as Prithvi Shaw along with a friend drove off, they followed him and attacked him near Oshiwara traffic signal. His BMW was hit with a baseball bat, damaging the glass windshield and rear screen. Six other friends were called for help by the accused duo and a video is also going viral where they asked them to reach Oshiwara at the earliest.

Sapna Gill was arrested by the police on Thursday evening and will be produced in Andheri court on Friday. There also remain reports that she was under the influence of alcohol. The social media influencer along with her friends are also accused of demanding Rs50,000 from Prithvi Shaw or they would file a fake case against him.

The allegations have however been challenged by Sapna, who claimed she was assaulted by Prithvi first.

Netizens took to the comment section and came in support of Prithvi Shaw. While many trolled Sapna Gill for violating his privacy, others blamed her for behaving like ‘Papa Ki Pari’.

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