Achakzai calls for unity among Pashtuns for gaining rights


QUETTA (6 AM Report): Mahmood Khan Achakzai, chairman of Pashtun Khawa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP), has said that those who demand elections should think about saving the country.
“Afghanistan is suffering from killing and bloodshed. Every other day is bad in Pakistan. The country is going to sink due to inflation. Foreign and internal policies should be revistd. Pashtuns do not usurp anyone’s rights. There are Pashtuns, the principle of equality and justice must be adopted to solve the problems of the homeland,” the veteran Pashtun nationalist leader said while addressing on to the participants of a gathering held in connection with the International Day of Mother Languages in the provincial capital, here on Tuesday.
He further said that Allah Almighty has sent his prophets to every nation in their own mother tongues, adding that the importance of mother tongues is evident from the four heavenly books.
He said that it is also clear in the Holy Quran that the holy book of every nation is sent in their own language, adding that2 Khan Shaheed wanted the national unity of Pashtuns and he made the identity of Pashtuns the centre of his politics.
He further said that a round table conference of all the nationalities is the need of the hour, demanding a review of the internal and external policies of the state. He said that the issue of Afghanistan was never resolved with use of force in the past and demanded of all the neighbouring countries to adopt a policy of non-internference.
He said that Pashtuns never wanted to usurp the rights of others but they wanted the right of ownership on their resources.

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