Ayesha Zehri lauds mass marriage ceremony 


NASIRABAD (6 AM Report): Deputy Commissioner Nasirabad Engineer Ayesha Zehri has said that in today’s era, many girls are sitting at home due to lack of dowry equipment and expenses. It is a welcome initiative that Umeed-e-Sahar has organized mass marriage ceremony for the third time in Naseerabad.

Addressing a mass marriage ceremony here in Naseerabad on Saturday, she said that the currently it is hard for those in current inflation who have many mouths to feed, and especially for families who cannot get their unmarried girls married due dowry expanses, adding that therefore, in such a condition people must come forth voluntarily to find similar other issues and help these families.

It was the third marriage ceremony by the foundation, and annually 50 couples get married under such arrangements. She further said that that this initiative should be taken by citizens of Nasirabad and people must come forth voluntarily to assist families who are unable to take the expenses of their dowry.

Vice chairmen of the foundation said that the 50 married couples would begin their new life according to the teachings of Islam and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


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