Lawmakers call for supremacy of parliament, demand institutions to stay in domain


ISLAMABAD (APP):Parliament is the supreme institution of the country and all institutions should stay in their domain and not interfere with work of other institutions.

These views were expressed by the incumbent and former Senators while taking part in a debate in the Senate session summoned in connection with the Golden Jubilee of the Upper House.

On the second day of the special session, the incumbent and former senators, parliamentary leadership, foreign diplomats and prominent figures from various walks of life participated and congratulated the Senate of Pakistan over completing 50 years.

The Senate special session summoned to celebrate Golden Jubilee started with the recitation of the last two verses of Surah Al-Baqarah that highlighted the importance of believing in the messengers of the Almighty Allah and His angels, books and obeying the messengers.

It also added that Allah does not burden anyone more than his or her capacity and it’s the reward of what a person does and what he receives in the form of its outcome.

Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani welcomed the foreign diplomats and high commissioners of friendly countries on the second day of the Senate’s golden jubilee celebrations. He said their presence at this occasion was a testament to the importance of the day. The Senate had played a crucial role in shaping the political landscape of the proud nation, he added.

The Senate chair underlined that these celebrations reminded us of the significance of the Upper House in strengthening democracy and ensuring the protection of the rights of all.

“Senate has run an extra mile in representing the country at the international and regional level. It promoted Pakistan’s positive image internationally through parliamentary diplomacy,” Sanjrani said. He also thanked the International Parliamentary Union (IPU) for considering an emergency agenda item in its plenary in Rwanda on creating a loss and damage climate fund. He informed that the Senate was the first parliamentary institution to submit its report on the review of the progress on SDGs 16.6 and 16.7. He wished the foreign diplomats would find this session informative and interesting.

Senator Dar who is also the finance minister addressed the house and thanked the members of the diplomatic corps for joining the golden jubilee celebrations. “It’s the Upper House of the Parliament and it is determined to promote pluralism, provincial autonomy and democracy,” he said. Dar presented a brief introduction of the working of the Upper House to the foreign diplomats.

He added that democracy alone could not achieve results unless there was transparency, accountability and stringent economic discipline. He welcomed all the members of the diplomatic corps on behalf of the entire house.

Federal Minister for Law, Senator Azam Nazeer Tarar said it was a wonderful idea to convert the House into a committee of the whole and allowed the guests to speak.

He added that the previous day senators and guests expressed their excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to speak on the golden jubilee celebrations.

The minister highlighted that the Senate throughout its journey had been striving for strengthening democracy and supremacy of the constitution. He also underscored that the country was facing the unprecedented challenge of climate change impacts causing extreme natural disasters. “Last summer, it was a different Pakistan that we saw due to extreme weather events leaving its population badly impacted due to floods and heat waves,” he added.

He acknowledged that the world community also contributed to lessening Pakistan’s burden in managing the natural disaster of the 2022 Floods. “The international community at the Geneva moot openheartedly supported Pakistan,” he added.

Tarar said there was a need to stand united and determined as the country was passing through tough times that demanded a national economic dialogue and strengthening of political institutions.

Senator Mian Raza Rabbani said it was an occasion to not only celebrates the five-decade journey of the Senate but also to discuss the weaknesses and failures of the Upper House so far.

He pointed out that the Parliament should have snubbed the statement of the US Special Envoy on Afghanistan intended to exhort Pakistan on its internal matters. “Parliament should have told him to mind his business as we better know how to handle our own affairs,’ he added.

He underlined that the Parliament should be taken into confidence on matters related to defence, security and financial affairs. “When Parliament exerts itself then results flow. When it recluses and goes into its shell and becomes shy of facing odds then other forces try to take advantage,” he added.

Senator Mushtaq Ahmed paid tribute to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and all leaders of the political parties who played their roles in the formulation of the Constitution.

He said the country had a constitution, parliament, democracy, political commitment and resistance that were a ray of hope but there was a need to take stock of our role for self-accountability in the efforts made throughout the journey.

He said the implementation of the Constitution was very important to curtail all sorts of threats both internal and external to achieve parliamentary supremacy.

Chairman Senate while listening to the remarks of the Senators said that the open discussion made by the Senators amid the presence of foreign diplomats was the very spirit of democracy.

European Union Ambassador, Dr Riina Kionka extended her sincere congratulations to the Senate on its golden jubilee. She said people used to delegate their power to the elected representatives and they held them accountable.

“Democracy is the core value of EU States. The EU is supporting Pakistan in strengthening its parliament and democracy for the past 60 years of strategic relations,” she added.

High Commissioner of South Africa, Mthuthuzeli Madikiza extended felicitations to the Upper House on the occasion. He also underlined the support of the parliament, particularly the Senate, in endorsing the UN Resolutions for the independence of African countries and racial discrimination in African countries.

Madikiza said Pakistan should move forward to promote ties with African countries and partake in its development agenda

Former Senator Muhammad Javeed Abbasi appreciated the Senate chairman for arranging special celebrations to mark the golden jubilee of the Senate of Pakistan.

Former Senator Sanaullah Baloch said that issues in Balochistan should be resolved on priority. He said that the development of Balochistan was linked with the progress and prosperity of Pakistan.

Jordanian Ambassador to Pakistan Maj. Gen. ® Ibrahim Yala Al Madani, while speaking in the Senate extended congratulations to the leadership and people of Pakistan for celebrating 50 years of the Senate of Pakistan. He said that Pakistan and Jordan were enjoying brotherly relations based on a solid foundation of mutual respect and joint cooperation on political and military aspects.

Palestinian Ambassador to Pakistan Ahmed Rabei congratulated the Senate chairman of the Golden Jubilee.

He appreciated Pakistan’s support to Palestine. He retained the viewpoints of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhammad Iqbal regarding Palestine.

Former Senator, Haji Attaullah said that unity was required to confront the challenges faced by the country. He said that the 18th Amendment was passed unanimously to give more powers to the provinces.

Senator Tahir Bizenjo said that the country was facing the worst economic, constitutional and political crisis. Despite all these odds, he said the future of Pakistan was linked with democracy, free and transparent elections and respect for the constitution.

Former Senator Zahid Khan said that the authority of Parliament was challenged and the constitution was violated multiple times in the last 50 years.

He said that the Senate had played a crucial role in strengthening democracy and legislation for public welfare. He said that every institution should remain in its domain and respect other institutions.

The supremacy of Parliament should be admitted by other institutions instead of creating hurdles in it. Senator Sarfraz Ahmed Bugti congratulated Chairman Senate for arranging events in connection with the Golden Jubilee celebrations.

He also welcomed the diplomats attending the event. Senator Sarfraz said that the supremacy of the Parliament should be ensured and objective debate to be made to know the reasons as to why it could not be ascertained.

He said that financial powers should be given to the Senate and the sense of deprivation of small provinces be removed. Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed said that Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a great supporter of democratic system and supremacy and supremacy of the parliament.

He said that the Senate of Pakistan took a bold stance on various foreign affairs and national issues in the past including the Iraq war, Balochistan affairs and climate matters.

He said that the Senate would continue to play a significant role in protecting the interests of the country as per the aspirations of the people. He said it was the mutual responsibility of the government and opposition to play their role in strengthening democracy.

JUI-F Senator Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri appreciated the leadership of all parties who drafted the Constitution and unanimously approved it in Parliament. He also spoke for the supremacy of parliament and strengthening democracy.

Yemen Ambassador to Pakistan Mohammed Motahar Ali-Shabi congratulated the people of Pakistan on the completion of 50 years of Senate of Pakistan. He said that Pakistan was an important country in the Islamic world and internationally. He said that Yemen and Pakistan were enjoying excellent bilateral ties. He also appreciated Pakistan’s support for peace in the region.

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