BA adopts resolution to increase women quota from 5 to 33% in govt departments


QUETTA (6 AM Report): Provincial Assembly adopted a resolution on Thursday by majority vote to increase the women quota in public office from 5 percent to 33 percent.
The Resolution was presented by Member Provincial Assembly Shakeela Naveed Dehwar for increasing women quota in various departments from 5 percent to 33 percent to encourage women representation in the public offices.
During the session of Balochistan Assembly here no Thursday, she presented the resolution and demanded that at present there is only five percent quota for women in different departments of Balochistan which was not sufficient for women to get their rights so this is the interest of women and Balochistan to increase their quota.
“By approving the resolution and strictly instructing the relevant institutions to increase the quota of women in their departments from five percent to 33 percent, great service can be done to the cause of women,” said another member of the Assembly Bushra Rind who also holds portfolio of Services and General Administration Department.
Ms. Dehwar urged that the government should adopt an effective policy in this regard to implement the resolution on which the House passed the resolution by majority vote.
Later, the members of the Assembly raised questions related to various departments and there were no relevant ministers in the House to respond to the questions.

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