Rana Sana Ullah says: Option of emergency is there with the govt


ISLAMABAD (Online): Interior minister Rana Sana Ullah has said election should be held at the same time all over the country.
“Elections should be held at the same time in the country.
The election in two provinces will lead the country to political crisis, anarchy and disorder. if the situation turns to anarchy then there is option of emergency in the constitution.
After political and economic crisis this fitna khan has laid foundation of judicial crisis , he said this while talking to media men along with law minister Nazir Tarar outside the Supreme Court (SC) here Tuesday.
He held PML-N and all allied parties want that the election of national and provincial assemblies should be held at same time. The election in two provinces will lead the country to anarchy.
He underlined if the situation turns to this way then government has option for imposing emergency. The article of emergency is there in the constitution. This article has not gone anywhere.
He remarked Bilawal has talked of possibility of martial law or emergency. There is a justification for it. When all important cases will be heard by the same three judges then justification stands created.
He observed why these three judges are in all cases. There is demand from all side that full bench be constituted then what is wrong in accepting it.
He stated we expect that Supreme Court will give such decision which pulls the country out of political crisis and country goes forward in better way.
He observed Prime Minister (PM) and law minister presented their stance in parliament on 3-member bench. PTI has also said there is no objection over full bench.

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