Dr. Malik reveals powerlessness in his tenure on important issues


QUETTA (6 AM Report): Former Chief Minister of Balochistan Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch has recently made a statement regarding his powerlessness during his tenure in matters related to missing persons and militancy in the province. In a special interview given to the foreign news agency Arab News, Quetta, Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch said that he was not even asked about these issues and he failed many times to address the issue of missing persons.
Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch also expressed his disappointment in the current government of Balochistan, stating that it is completely powerless and cannot even decide on small administrative matters by itself.
He added that the control has become minimum while the intervention of other institutions is very high. According to him, there is no development in the province and there is looting everywhere, with all the jobs being sold openly.
In addition, Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch criticized the federal government’s performance, stating that there is a big political crisis in the country and the economy and judiciary are also in crisis. He expressed doubt that the current government can solve these crises and that politicians, judges, media, bureaucracy, and establishment are pitted against each other.
Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch also highlighted the lack of representation of Balochistan in the National Assembly, stating that the representation of Balochistan is less than that of Lahore, so no central party gives importance to Balochistan. He further added that the people of Balochistan were never given the right to bring representatives of their choice and state institutions take decisions there.
Despite being a member of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch clarified that he is not part of the current government of Balochistan.


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