Khushal Kakar urges rulers to make Pakistan a true federation, grant rights to Pashtuns


KILLA SAIFULLAH (6 AM Report): The Pashtunkhawa Milli Awami Party’s Chairman, Khushal Khan Kakar, addressed the Suri Mehtarzai regional conference attached to Killa Saifullah district, where he criticized the British colonialists for dividing the Pashtun-Afghan homeland and questioned the motives behind maintaining this division after the departure of the British colonialists.

Kakar accused the ‘Punjabi colonialists’ of becoming the “assets of the British” and continuing the policies of British colonialism, leading to the subjugation and deprivation of the Pashtun, Baloch, Sindhi, and Saraiki nations living in Pakistan. He called on the ‘Punjabi colonialists’ to repent from their conspiracies, deceit, and anti-nation policies and actions, and to start making Pakistan a true federation immediately and without delay.

During the regional conference, the delegates elected new executives, and Nasrullah Khan Zaray administered the oath to the newly elected officials. The conference was attended by several prominent political figures, including Provincial President MPA Nasrullah Khan Zaray, Provincial Senior Vice President Allah Noor Chairman, Provincial Information Secretary Zaman Khan Kakar, Provincial Deputy Secretary Saeed Akbar Kakar, and Sardar Allah Yar Jogezai, who also addressed the gathering.

Khushal Khan Kakar highlighted the history of British colonialism in the region, stating that the British came from thousands of miles away and occupied their homeland, looting their resources, taking away their freedom, and violating their basic human and democratic rights.

“Against this colonial occupation, the people and political elites put up a strong political struggle and resistance and defeated the British, including on the war front,” he said and added that however the British, being experts in deceit, deception, and conspiracies, used various tricks and oaths to divide the Pashtun-Afghan homeland by presenting kind explanations.

Kakar questioned why the Pashtun homeland was divided in the country built in the name of Islam and who deprived the neighboring areas of Pashtuns from becoming a unity.

He also questioned who is occupying and looting the resources of Pashtuns and who is standing in the way of making Pakistan a true federation. He warned that if the subjugation and deprivations are not addressed, it will be difficult to maintain the existence of the country, and the responsibility will fall on the Punjabi colonial forces.

The conference’s attendees listened intently to Kakar’s words, and many expressed their agreement with his sentiments. The call for Pakistan to become a true federation and to address the grievances of the subjugated nations was met with widespread applause and support.

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