Yousafzai lashes out at Imran Khan for his ‘attempts to spread chaos’

Expresses support for state institutions and says IK was targeting state institutions for personal gains


QUETTA (6 AM Report): Babar Yousafzai, Spokesperson for Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Qudoos Bizenjo, has condemned former Prime Minister Imran Khan for his alleged attempts to spread chaos in the country to regain power.

During a press conference held here at Quetta Press Club on Wednesday, Yousafzai stated that Imran Khan was constitutionally removed from the Prime Ministership and that he completely neglected Balochistan during his tenure.

Yousafzai claimed that Imran Khan blamed all his failures on others and targeted the army for his personal interests and greed for power. He also accused Imran Khan of making rhetoric against the institutions, which Yousafzai condemned and said that they would not allow it.

Yousafzai further stated that the people of the country stand by the side of the Pakistan Army and state institutions. He expressed his desire for political stability in the country and claimed that the country cannot afford any more chaos.

Yousafzai called on parents to keep their children away from the filth spread by Imran Khan and emphasized that the Balochistan government would complete its term.

He also demanded that elections be held on the same day across the country after the federal and provincial governments complete their term.

Yousafzai expressed his sorrow for the recent martyrdom of police personnel in Jafferabad and conveyed his condolences with the families of the martyrs. He also mentioned the bodies of the Hazara community being left on the streets and criticized Imran Khan for not visiting Balochistan at that time.

Other coordinators present in the news conference echoed Yousafzai’s statements and expressed their support for the Pakistan Army and state institutions.

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