BFA fines on 15 food points in Quetta for supplying defective food


QUETTA (6 AM Report): The Balochistan Food Authority (BFA) has imposed fines on 15 different food centers during ongoing operations against the supply of defective food in various areas of Quetta city.
The BFA inspection teams conducted inspections at several food centers and issued rectification notices to many of them, while also providing food business license forms to the owners for obtaining the license.
During the inspections, several irregularities were found, leading to the imposition of fines on different centers. The BFA imposed fines on 3 baking units in Sariab Road and Joint Road, where poor cleaning and storage arrangements were observed. The final products were found without preparation and date cancellation, while cooking oil and other ingredients used in production were substandard. One spice shop was also fined, as the inspection team found expired packets of spices, unhealthy dyes, and Chinese salt. The confiscated items were later destroyed.
The owners of the five fined centers did not have food business licenses, leading to further action taken against them. Similarly, in Khizi Chowk and Kharotabad, 3 bakers and general stores and 1 baking unit were fined for violation of hygiene norms and non-availability of licenses. The inspection team found defective and prohibited cooking oil being used in the preparation of items in the baking unit. Additionally, the cleaning and ventilation arrangements in the said unit were unsatisfactory. Actions were taken against bakery items for lack of manufacturing and expiry dates, sale of unhealthy gutka pan prag, and non-availability of food business licenses.
Apart from this, the inspection teams also took action against 6 centers, including 3 well-known bakers in Jan Muhammad Road and Brewery Road areas, for violating the rules. The reasons for action were violations of SOPs, keeping final items at improper temperatures, and not showing preparation and expiry dates on them. During the inspection, expired drinks were seized from 1 cold drink shop, while the owners of the cold drink store and 1 wholesale trader did not have food business licenses.
The expired drinks recovered from the cold drink store were destroyed on the spot, and fines were imposed on both centers.
The BFA has been conducting regular inspections and operations against the supply of defective and unhygienic food in Quetta city to ensure the provision of safe and healthy food to the public. The BFA has urged all food business owners to comply with the rules and regulations to avoid such actions in the future.


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