NSC urges resolving political differences through talks

No leniency to be shown towards those involved in the attacks on security installations and places under any agenda


ISLAMABAD (APP): The National Security Committee on Tuesday, vowing “zero tolerance” against violence and miscreancy in the country, emphasised the resolution of political differences through dialogue as per democratic values, without any confrontation.

The NSC meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, also resolved to bring all the elements involved in May 9 riots and arsons to justice as desecration of security installations, public properties and national dignity would not be tolerated.

The forum called for national unity and harmony amidst the complex geo-strategic situation caused by the global political confrontation as well as the enemies’ policy of instability.

Attended by federal ministers, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, three services chiefs, heads of the security institutions and senior officers, the NSC meeting decided to observe May 9 as the “Black Day”.

The participants expressed full solidarity and support to the armed forces of Pakistan and strongly condemned the attacks on security installations to serve personal or political interests.

The meeting endorsed the decision of booking and trying the miscreants, planners, instigators and facilitators as per the Constitution and relevant laws, including the Pakistan Army Act and the Official Secret Act.

The forum made it categorically clear that no leniency to be shown towards those involved in the attacks on security installations and places under any agenda.

The participants also paid tribute to the martyrs and their family members.

The meeting instructed full implementation of the social media rules and regulations to counter the propaganda patronised by foreign elements through local facilitation and penalise the perpetrators.

The NSC meeting expressed solidarity with the Pakistan armed forces, strongly condemned the violent incidents and vowed to bring all culprits to justice without victimizing the innocent people.

The prime minister said in the last meeting, he had directed the authorities concerned to register first information reports against the culprits involved in the incidents and arrest them within 72 hours.

He said the people of Pakistan were upset and furious over what happened in the country on the said date as the incidents also brought disgrace to the nation.

PM Shehbaz said the Jinnah House that was burnt and destroyed by the miscreants was the abode of the valour troops who were busy in safeguarding the nation from its enemy.

“When I visited the house after the incidents, the scenes were beyond imagination as it was totally burnt and destroyed,” he added.

Shehbaz Sharif said the miscreants had inflicted damage to the country which its arch enemy could not do even during the last 75 years. Such heart breaking events had never been witnessed in the country’s history, he added.

He said the 220 million people of Pakistan and the government were united to condemn such incidents in the strongest terms and stood behind the armed forces.

He vowed that the criminals, who burnt and tarnished government properties, damaged the relics of the Pakistan armed forces and marched on the office of ISI in Faisalabad would not be spared.

“I have asked the relevant authorities that even if the prime minister asks them to spare them, they must not obey him and act according to the law,” he added.

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