Bizenjo declares there would be no permission of hunting rare birds to any local or foreigner

  GoB cancels all allotments of birds’ hunting areas in Balochistan


QUETTA (6 AM Report):  In a major development, the Government of Balochistan has cancelled all allotments of the birds’ hunting areas all over the province.

This was announced in an official hand out issued here on Thursday.

According to the official communique, the provincial government has the authority to allot of the hunting areas or cancel it under the 18th constitutional amendment.

Moreover, on this, the Chief Minister Balochistan, Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo asserted that we would wholeheartedly defend our right and power in this regard.

He said that the government has the constitutional and legal protection of using its very that authority, and the government’s decision can not be challenged at any legal forum. In addition to this, the Chief Minister declared that there would also be ban on trophy hunting in the province.

Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo maintained that there is no need of earning money and establishing relations at the cost of life of innocent birds and animals.

The Chief Minister said that if anyone has any doubt about the decision of government, then one may contact with the Forests and Wildlife Department.

Earlier, taking action for protection of the rare birds and animals, the Chief Minister declared the land of Balochistan prohibited for the hunting of houbara bustard, Ibex and other rare species.

The Chief Minister said there would be no permission of hunting of the rare birds to any local or foreigner in the province.

He directed the concerned authorities to ensure implementation on the UN Charter and Balochistan Wildlife Protection Act for protection of the rare birds and animals in the province.

He also termed it mandatory for all the deputy commissioners and officers and staff of the Forests and Wildlife department to protect the wildlife.

He warned that the action would be taken against those Deputy Commissioners and concerned staff of the areas where the information of hunting of rare birds was received.

The Chief Minister stressed that protection of wildlife is a national obligation and as such the general public should also fulfill it.

Moreover, Mr. Bizenjo also directed to initiate crackdown against those hunting the birds for business or keeping them in shops or their homes. The Chief Minister pledged to make the province safe region for the wildlife.

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