3 ‘terrorists’ planning to kill prominent personalities arrested


KARACHI (INP): Three alleged terrorists of a sleeper cell network were arrested in a raid jointly conducted by the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) and sensitive institutions.

The CTD spokesperson said that three suspected terrorists of a sleeper cell network were arrested during a raid. The accused planned to kill a prominent personality today, it added.

“The sleeper cell planned to target prominent personalities and foreign embassies. The arrested suspects made revelations during interrogation. Six 9mm pistols and three hand grenades were recovered from their possession.”

A few days ago, the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) conducted a raid on University Road in Karachi, resulting in the apprehension of a wanted police officer in connection with a 29 years old murder case.

Chaudhry Safdar, the in-charge of the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD), has reported that a wanted police officer named Ghulam Hussain, murdered his opponent on Anwar Road, using a government-issued SMG back in 1994.

However, the law enforcement team was successful in apprehending the culprit promptly after the incident. However, the culprit Ghulam Hussain obtained bail from the court and become a fugitive.

Meanwhile, the District and Session Court Sukkur, after hearing the case, delivered a verdict and awarded death sentencing to Hussain for his heinous crime.

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