NA passes resolution seeking trial of May 9 attackers in military courts

Senate passes unanimous resolution commemorating martyrs’ sacrifices, condemning May 9 attacks


ISLAMABAD (APP): The National Assembly on Monday passed a resolution to initiate proceedings against the elements involved in the vandalism of military installations and martyrs’ memorials on May 9 under the Army Act 1952 without delay even for a single day.

Presenting a motion, Minister for Defence Khawaja Muhammad Asif said the House was of the view that a political party and its chairman while committing blatant violations of the law and the Constitution on May 9 attacked military installations, which caused irreparable loss to the state and its institutions. “Of which, all evidence is available, so in line with the law and the Constitution, proceedings be completed against them without a single-day delay.”

The minister said the people and leaders of that party were not ready to take the burden of the party and its chairman’s anti-Pakistan activities and disassociate themselves from it. “It validates that this party and its head’s agenda is based on enmity with Pakistan,” he added.

He said the House declared that there were no human rights violations while taking action against miscreants and criminals involved in the May 9 incidents.

In that regard, he said, allegations of a political party and propaganda had no reality.

As per the international practice, he said Pakistan too had the legal right to initiate proceedings against such elements under the relevant law. So, all the elements involved in the May 9 vandalism be prosecuted under the Pakistan Army Act-1952 without any delay and get them punished.

Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali of the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) agreed to give exemplary punishment to perpetrators of the May 9 incidents but opposed their trial under the Army Act.

He viewed that the rioters of May 9 should be tried in the civil and anti-terrorism courts, and his party would accept their decisions.

The Defence Minister said all over the world, forces had to take action against those involved in incidents like attacking military installations and Pakistan also had the same legal and constitutional authority.

He said no patriot Pakistanis could dare to attack military installations and martyrs’ memorials, but unfortunately, the workers of a political party crossed all the limits on May 9.

He said the armed forces were rendering great services and sacrifices to protect every inch of the motherland and purging the country of terrorist elements.

The minister said the nation would never accept insults to the sacrifices of the martyrs and vowed to give exemplary punishment to the anti-state elements.

He said it was unfortunate that the party tried to attack the integrity and sovereignty of the country just because of losing the government, which was not acceptable in any way. “You don’t declare war on your country if the power is taken away from you.”

Meanwhile, in a unanimous decision, the Senate passed a resolution on Monday, expressing profound appreciation for the heroic sacrifices made by martyrs in the pursuit of peace, safety, security, and stability in Pakistan.

Presented by Minister of State for Law and Justice, Shahadat Awan, on the floor of the Upper House of Parliament, the resolution paid tribute to the unparalleled role played by the Armed Forces in safeguarding the nation against both external and internal threats.

Furthermore, the Senate resolution strongly condemned the shocking and distressing acts of vandalism and arson that occurred on May 9. These reprehensible actions targeted prominent landmarks such as Jinnah House Lahore, monuments dedicated to martyrs and national heroes, installations belonging to the Armed Forces, and the Radio Pakistan Peshawar building.

Expressing their deep sense of dismay and resentment, the House deplored these attacks and demanded that those responsible for planning, facilitating, and instigating them be brought to justice under the full extent of the law.

In a show of unwavering support and solidarity, the Senate extended its backing to the armed forces and other security agencies in the aftermath of this unfortunate incident.

Additionally, the resolution expressed solidarity with the families of the martyrs, recognizing and honoring the tremendous sacrifices they had made for the nation.

The Senate resolved to hold their invaluable services for the motherland in the highest regard for all times to come.

The passing of this unanimous resolution in the Senate serves as a powerful testament to the nation’s unity and determination to protect the ideals of peace and stability that Pakistan holds dear.

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