I will live and die with Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif


MANAWALA (Online): PML-N former Prime Minister (PM) Mohammad Nawaz Sharif said that my heart beats with 24 crore people. I will live and die with Pakistan and soon I will be there among my people in Pakistan.

PML-N will win the next elections and form the government. Former selected puppet captain and clumsy troupes caused irreparable damage to country and consequences of which will be borne by the coming generations. The uncontrollable inflation is due to PTI poor policies.

Former PM Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif expressed his views in meeting with PML-N expected candidate Khan Jahanzaib Khan from PP-142 Sheikhupura and his father Advocate Haji Mohammad Aurangzeb Khan in London.

He said to Haji and Aurangzeb that I will fulfill the promise which I made with you.

As you have always been loyal to me, whether it was the election of 1990 or the martial law of 1993 or 1999, you have always stood by me like a rock.

Old friends like you are assets of PML-N.

They are my arm who supported PML-N in every difficult time.

PML-N Expected candidate Khan Jahanzeb Khan from PP-142 conveyed the loving message of the people of his constituency to Mian Nawaz Sharif.

While presenting a bouquet of flowers and expressed his determination to welcome Nawaz Sharif on his return home along with a convoy of hundreds of vehicles.

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