Poverty and ignorance are major stigmas of society, maintains Governor


QUETTA (6 AM Report): The Governor Balochistan, Malik Abdul Wali Khan Kakar has stressed that we have to bring people closer to the knowledge,  wisdom and creative activities in order to promote healthy environment. He said that at the moment, the poverty and illiteracy are two major socio-economic stigma.

The Governor was speaking to the Pashto classical singer, Ejaz Ufaq who called on him here on Monday.

The Governor said that the lively people of our society are no more lively because of the poor economic state and undue circumstances of the whole region for last several years.

He said that those creating creative and critic mind are lacking in the society. While on the other hand, the intolerance and wave of extremism have affected the good sense as well, he regretfully pointed out.

The Governor also said that there are several prominent names in the Pashto music and singing, whose services are invaluable.

Undoubtedly, he mentioned that the signers and artists happen to be the ambassadors of social activities as such there is a dire need to encourage and financially support those associated with them

He also stressed the need to honour the democratic behaviours and difference of opinion and maintain the environment of peace and harmony so as to create more stability, equality and mutual trust in the society.

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