Netanyahu makes disparaging hand gesture to Israeli protesters shouting SHAME!


NEW YORK,(INP): Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in the New York City (NYC), made a disparaging hand gesture in response to Israeli protesters who were shouting ‘shame shame shame’.

The Israeli-led crowd bearing Israeli flags inscribed with slogan “free in our land”— a line from Israel’s national anthem and save democracy and shouting shame to the Israel PM.

Israelis protest against judicial overhaul

Over 2,000 protesters opposed to the government’s judicial overhaul protested against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outside UN headquarters in New York City.

The gathering appeared be the largest demonstration against the judicial legislation held outside Israel since the government announced the legislative package.

Back in home, Israel Prime Minister also faced series of protests in Jerusalem.

Tens of thousands Israelis rally nationwide on Saturday night against the government’s judicial overhaul for the 38th week.

Yom Kippur also set to begin Sunday evening.

The Israelis protests echod the theme of the holiest day in Judaism, and will be held under the banner: “There is no forgiveness for the attempt to turn Israel into a dictatorship.”

In a statement, protest leaders decried “threats against the judges of the High Court and the intention to disobey their rulings will not be allowed to pass by the people of Israel.”

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