Elections are not necessary at meantime but economy’s improvement: Maulana Fazl


SAHIWAL (Online): Maulana Fazlur Rehman, head of Jamiat Ulema Islam (F) (JUIF) has said that elections are not necessary at this time, but the economy of the country should improve, but we are always ready for elections.

It will be difficult to hold elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in January, said Fazl Ur Rehman.

Maulana Fazl Ur Rehman while talking to the media at Jamia Uloomia Shariah in Sahiwal said that the Election Commission has asked to hold elections at the end of January, but it will be difficult to hold elections in KPK during that time, as a large population will not go to vote in the elections.

Maulana Fazl Ur Rehman said that PTI’s problems are still in the court, whatever is the situation in the country, PTI is responsible for it. PTI is also the one who is dragging the country into the swamp.

In one and a half years, our PDM government has increased the foreign exchange reserves to 11 billion. Chairman PTI has proved by his actions that he is incompetent.

He said that we are sticking to our ideological goal, we are always ready for the election, we had campaigned for the election for 3 and a half years.

The JUI chief said that the country’s economy should improve not elections at this time.

He said that whenever Nawaz Sharif’s friends were asked, they said that they would come, the PDM alliance is inactive now, so the PML-N will make arrangements for Nawaz Sharif’s welcome.

He further said that I think the philosophy of caretaker government is wrong.

He further said that friendly countries will not help until there is talk of PTI’s arrival, the current terrorism will send a message to the world that Pakistan is not a peaceful country.


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