No reason, logic behind any delay in general elections: Siraj


LAHORE (INP): Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Siraj-ul-Haq has said that there was no reason and logic behind any delay in upcoming general elections, adding the JI was staunchly committed to resisting any unconstitutional actions that might infringe upon the fundamental right of the people to vote.

Talking to media in Mansoorah on Tuesday, he pointed out that the constitution unequivocally stipulates the holding of elections within 90 days following the dissolution of assemblies.

Sirajul Haq stressed that stability was contingent upon upholding the constitution and conducting transparent elections.

He criticized those who advocate for prioritizing economic reforms before elections, asserting that such calls merely echo past slogans, specifically the rhetoric of “accountability before elections.” He noted that proponents of these ideas were acutely aware of their dwindling popularity among the masses and were anticipating an impending defeat.

Underscoring the responsibility of the state and its institutions to combat smuggling and corruption, the JI chief emphasized that an elected government was better equipped to address these challenges. He highlighted the people’s admiration for the armed forces, attributing it to the constitutional mandate of safeguarding the nation. He emphasized that adherence to the constitution by all institutions would enhance the respect and affection accorded to them by the public.

He expressed regret that the two previous coalition governments had led the nation’s economy astray in past five years, resulting in profound hardship for the people. He criticized the caretaker government, characterizing it as an extension of the previous administration, and accused it of adhering to the directives of the IMF.

He also pointed out that caretaker governments in two provinces were operating beyond their constitutionally defined tenure. The caretakers, he added, also lacked the authority to increase electricity and gas tariffs.

Siraj said the JI would not enter into any electoral alliances and would contest the elections under its own symbol, the scale. He affirmed the JI’s unwavering commitment to advocating for the people’s rights and combating inflation until relief is delivered to the citizens.

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