Aneeq stresses importance of virtuous social behavior alongside worship


ISLAMABAD (APP): Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Aneeq Ahmed on Friday emphasized that the effects of our worship should extend beyond the confines of religious rituals and manifest in social interactions.

In a compelling address during the Seerat-un-Nabi Conference held at Faisal Mosque, he said, “Alongside our devotion, the beauty of our social conduct is equally imperative.”

He highlighted that the seal of Prophethood had been affirmed, and the responsibility of propagating its message now fell upon every individual within the Muslim community.

“Every member of our society is a guiding star of the nation,” Minister Aneeq proclaimed stressing the teachings of Seerat should serve as a guiding light in every facet of life.

Furthermore, he called upon scholars to play an active role in uplifting the spirits of the nation and steering them away from despondency. He expressed optimism, stating that each new day brings with it an opportunity for the state to progress beyond its past achievements.

Minister Aneeq urged scholars to delve into new subjects and bring them to the forefront of intellectual discourse. He emphasized the significance of the connection between contemporary discussions and historical context, asserting that the touch of tradition was vital in scholarly conversations.

In conclusion, he stressed that the conversations among scholars should be enriched by the essence of the era in which they live.


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