Russia asks UNSC to implement its resolutions on Palestine


MOSCOW (INP) The closed-door emergency session of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) amid the war between Israel and Hamas failed to achieve the unanimity needed for a joint statement.

The session failed to meet the consensus needed for a joint statement after Russia did not agree with other members of the UNSC and urged the forum to ensure the implementation of its earlier resolution on Palestine.

At least 1,100 people have already been killed since Hamas, the Palestinian group that controls the blockaded Gaza Strip, launched an assault on Israeli towns on Saturday and took hundreds of people hostage.

Israel retaliated by declaring a state of war and pounding densely-populated Gaza, killing hundreds of people. The senior US diplomat talking to media men after the session, said that a good number of countries condemned the Hamas attacks. They’re obviously not all.

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The Russian envoy to the UN said Moscow wants to stop the fight immediately and to go to a ceasefire and to meaningful negotiations.

“This is partly the result of unresolved issues,” he said. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has ordered: “additional support for Israel in the face of this unprecedented terrorist assault by Hamas”.

At least four US citizens were killed in the attack, US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement after a briefing, adding that the toll was likely to rise.


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