PTA hosts meeting with religious scholars to promote safe, responsible use of social media


ISLAMABAD (APP): Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) took a significant step towards fostering safe and responsible internet usage by organizing a meeting with prominent religious scholars at PTA Headquarters.

The event marked a collaborative effort between the PTA and religious leaders to address the challenges of social media and the internet while promoting a digital environment that aligns with cultural and religious values.

The meeting was attended by Islamic scholars from various schools of thought including Dr. Qibla Ayaz, Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology (CII); Moulana Abdul Khabeer Azad, Chairman of Ruet-e-Hilal Committee and Maulana Tariq Jameel among others. Senior PTA officers were also present at this occasion.

The event commenced with a welcome note from the Director-General of, the Web Analysis Division (WAD) PTA, who provided an overview of the PTA’s initiatives.

Chairman PTA, Maj General ® Hafeez Ur Rehman addressed the audience and highlighted the pivotal role of religious scholars in guiding the masses toward ethical and responsible internet usage.

He emphasized the potential for an even greater impact if the scholars lend their support to PTA through their own platforms.

An open-floor discussion and recommendation session provided a platform for active engagement and dialogue. Key highlights of the meeting included a strong emphasis to educate the youth about responsible social media and internet usage especially the critical role of parents in educating their children.

The Quran & teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) were highlighted as a guiding light in this endeavor.

Recognizing the gravity of online threats such as anti-state, blasphemous, and hate speech, it was emphasized that addressing them is the collective responsibility of the State, judiciary, PTA, PEMRA, FIA, and the individuals.

The scholars expressed their appreciation for the PTA’s commitment and efforts in promoting safe and responsible internet usage and reassured their full cooperation and support to the regulator.

This meeting marks the beginning of a series, of collaborative efforts with respected Ulema to combat harmful and unlawful online content.



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