Shutter down strike observed to express “solidarity” with dharna in Chaman


By Sardar Khondai 

CHAMAN: The complete shutter down strike was observed in favour of protest dharna in Chaman on Sunday.

The call for shutter down was given by the Chaman Dharna Committee in support of the dharna being staged for last 73 days.

All parties, traders’ Laghri ittehad and Anjuman Tajran also endorsed the strike as a result of which, all the trading centers, business concerns and shops remained closed.

Meanwhile, the Chaman Dharna Committee has announced to observe shutter down strike all over the province today ( Monday).

In this regard, all the traders and shopkeepers have been appealed to close their shops and other business concerns today.

Needless to mention here that the protest dharna is continued by All Parties Traders Laghri Ittehad at the international highway near Pak-Afghan border.

The protesters are demanding restoration of the across border movement ending the condition of passport and visa.

According to the spokesman of Chaman dharna committee, Sadiq Khan, the livelihood of thousands of people is linked with the Chaman border as there’s no other source of income for them to make their both ends meet.

Sadiq Khan said that the dwellers of border town are forced to lead miserable life due to lack of income resources.

But on the other hand, government has adopted a complete mum on the worst situation.

He said that future course of action regarding protest would be decided with mutual consultation.

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