We believe in practical steps and service to the people is our motto: Zehri


HUB (6 AM Report): Senior leader of Pakistan Peoples Party and President of Hub District and Spokesman for Balochistan Asif Ali Zardari Mir Ali Hassan Zehri has said that nowadays it is the era of social media and it is not possible to deceive the people anymore.

The era of factory extortion, smuggling, occupation, bullying threats, looting and closed room politics is now over. We will fight the mafia imposed for many decades by the power of the people and win the next elections by defeating the self-interested and anti-people elements through the democratic process.

These views were expressed by Mir Ali Hassan Zehri at the Allahabad Football Ground addressing the gathering program and rally.

He said that the opponents have become frightened by the popularity of the Peoples Party and have resorted to new tactics.

He said that because of not being able to compete in the field of politics, now the opponents have come down to personalities and are thinking that they will fool the people by making fabricated allegations, but the people of Hub and Lasbela are not fooled by their tricks and deception and the situation is that the people are demanding an accountability of decades of deprivation and the robbers who usurped the rights of the people have been hiding their faces for forty years.

We don’t just talk, we believe in practical measures and service to the people is our aim. 

Meanwhile, Mir Ali Hassan Zehri reached the Allahabad football ground to address the inclusion program and Jalsa. He welcomed who joined the Pakistan People’s Party. On this occasion, Mir Ali Hassan Zehri addressed the meeting and said that today, seeing the sea of people in this great meeting, I felt happy and pleased that the people have become conscious and have rejected the false and empty claims of the vested interests.

Mir Ali Hassan Zehri further said that a large number of our mothers and sisters are also present in today’s meeting, for whose participation I am extremely grateful to them for giving us respect. Mir Ali Hassan Zehri said on this occasion that the role of our mothers and sisters will be very important in the upcoming elections and they will play an important role in the success of Pakistan Peoples Party by using their right to vote.


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