‘Easy come easy go’ Wapda, power distribution companies employees provided free electricity of worth Rs 10b


ISLAMABAD (Online): “Easy come easy go” electricity distribution companies and employees of WAPDA received free electricity worth 10 billion rupees in the financial year 2022-23.

The users of free electricity include grades 1 to 22 and retired officers.

During the year 2022-23, the details of free electricity users have come out. According to the documents, free electricity worth more than 10 billion rupees was given to employees by electricity companies in one year.

The total value of units used for free in a year is 10 billion 48 crore 18 lakh rupees. Users of free electricity include employees from grade one to 22.

According to the document, a total of one lakh 89 thousand 985 employees are using free electricity. Retired employees are also included among those using free electricity units.

According to the document, 34488 employees of LESCO used free electricity worth 2 billion 827 lakh rupees.

20 thousand 834 employees of GAPCO were given free electricity worth 1 billion 135 lakh rupees.

28 thousand 873 employees of FESCO used free electricity worth one billion 43 crore 90 lakh rupees.

21 thousand 97 employees of IESCO used free electricity worth one billion 12 crore 36 lakh rupees.

Free electricity worth one billion 41 crore 85 lakh rupees was given to 26181 employees of MAPCO.

32 thousand 171 employees of PESCO used free electricity worth one billion 64 crore 72 lakh rupees.

9720 employees of HESCO used free electricity worth 93 crore 55 lakh 88 thousand rupees.

7872 employees of SEPCO were given free electricity worth Rs 50 crore 58 lakh in one year.

5744 employees of Quetta Electric Supply Company used free electricity worth 31 crore 60 lakh rupees.

Five TESCO employees used free electricity worth 47 thousand 89 rupees.

According to the document, Gencos grade 1 to 4 employees are getting 300 units free per month. Gencos grade 5 to 16 employees are getting 600 units free per month. Grade 17 employees are getting 650 and grade 18 employees are getting 700 units free. A grade 19 employee of Genco is getting 1000 and grade 20 employee 1100 units per month for free. Gencos grade 21 and 22 employees are getting 1300 units of free electricity per month.

Employees of grades 1 to 4 of DISCOs and NTDC use 100 units per month for free. Employees of grades 5 to 15 of DISCOS and NTDC use 200 units of free electricity per month. Grade 16 employees of DISCOS and NTDC get 300 units and grade 17 employees get 450 units. 800 units of grade 18 and 880 units of grade 19 are used free of charge by DISCOs and NTDC employees.

Grade 20 employees of DISCOs and NTDC use 1100, Grade 21 and 22 employees 1300 units per month for free. Retired employees of DISCOs and NTDC use half of the units of serving employees of their grade for free.



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