Political parties urged to make efforts to address issues related to minorities’ rights


QUETTA (APP): Center for Social Justice (CSJ) and Minority Forum Pakistan organized a public assembly titled “Effective Representation of Minorities in Elections” organized in Quetta as part of the mobilization and advocacy campaign launched in connection with the elections 2024.

The event was joined by representatives of the political parties including Rauf Lala from Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party, Agha Gul from National Party, Anita Irfan from Pakistan Muslim League-N and representative from Jamiat Ulema Islam-F who presented the position of their political parties regarding minorities rights and agreed to take practical steps to address the outstanding issues faced by minorities.

Executive Director of CSJ Peter Jacob stated that public representatives associated with political parties required public opinion and support to introduce legislation regarding any matter concerning human rights, so that the public could keep an eye on the progress of political representatives and convince them to take steps to address the human rights challenges, said a news release issued here the other day.

Suneel Malik presented the findings of the manifest assessment report “Promises to Keep and Miles to Go” regarding the assessment of the Delivery of the Pledges about Minorities’ Rights in Elections Manifestos, and added that political parties have failed to take effective actions to fulfill the pledges they make before elections.

He further added that the political parties must not forget their commitments to the electorate, instead, they must focus on actions to implement the pledges they make in the election manifesto to improve the human rights situation in general, and religious freedom and minorities rights in particular.

The campaign “Main Bhi Pakistan Hun” not only awakens public opinion regarding the demands, but also reminds the political parties of the promises made in the election manifesto regarding minorities’ rights, and demands concrete measures to address issues faced by minorities.

The representatives of political parties, lawyers, teachers, youth, social activists, and religious leaders participated in the awami assembly and vowed to fully participate in the general elections by supporting the five demands presented in the public assembly.

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