Cashing the name, Fawad Khan’s wife Sadaf Fawad Khan is under criticism


ISLAMABAD  (UNA): Sadaf Fawad Khan, the wife of Pakistan’s famous actor Fawad Khan, has become the new criticism topic of social media due to her brand.

Recently, social media influencer Azaz Hashmi, who bought a sherwani from this brand for his wedding, took Sadaf Fawad Khan by surprise. On his social media account, Instagram, Azaz Hashmi posted a video of Sherwani in which he received from this FK brand. Sherwani can be seen carrying the same brand at the outlet.

Sharing the video, the influencer said, “I ordered a sherwani for my baraat from a famous brand in October. They sent it like this in a 2 kg TCS box 10 days before my marriage. The design was also different from the sherwani I ordered. While they were making it I told them twice that it was not the design I ordered but they still made it and sent it to me.

Aizaz Hashmi said that the fitting and sizing looked like it belonged to my younger brother (which I don’t have), which big brands often do. They take orders they cannot fulfill and their incompetent staff make matters worse.

He criticized the brand’s policy, adding that when I asked for a refund, they said it’s not their policy. By the way, I think that delivering the right sherwani is also not in their policy.

They also said to send it back so they can fix it but I don’t want to risk it. I have already ordered another sherwani, which is less than half the price and double the quality. If they can’t get it right in 2.5 months, I’m not sure they’ll get it right in 6 days. It may sound trivial or whatever but it’s my big day and I want to look my best so this brand definitely pissed me off and my family.

After Aizaz Hashmi’s video post, social media users also shared their experiences with SFK Bridals. One user wrote, “I thought I was scammed, but yours is worse than me.” One user seems very unhappy with this brand. Another user criticizes the brand. One user said Sadaf is cashing Fawad’s name. Another user mentions another brand. He shed light on his experience.

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