Deployment of Pak Navy ships has no connection to tussle Houthis, US


ISLAMABAD (Online): Pakistan Navy and Ministry of Defense have rejected the fabricated and baseless propaganda allegations on social media regarding the deployment of Pakistan Navy ships in the Arabian Sea.

According to the sources of the Ministry of Defense, the US-allied attacks against the Houthis in Yemen have nothing to do with the deployment of Pakistan Navy ships. Linking the deployment with the American operation against the Houthis is completely baseless and based on propaganda. The United States announced the formation of Task Force 153 against the Houthi attacks in the Red Sea.

According to sources, Pakistan rejected the American invitation to join Task Force 153, Pakistan is not a part of Task Force 153 and Operation Prosperity Guardian in the Red Sea, Pakistan has no intention of joining Task Force 153 or any such coalition. Whatever the issue is against Palestine, Pakistan Navy has never been used against Yemen and will not be used in any case.

Recently Senator Mushtaq Ahmad said on Twitter that the Pakistan Navy is not part of any alliance that is against Palestine or Hamas. I am not a party, Pakistan is located on the edge of the most important sea passages like the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz through which there is a large volume of oil tanker traffic.

The ships of Pakistan Navy are continuously patrolling to ensure the safety of Pakistan’s trade routes in the Arabian Sea. The Pakistan Navy is also conducting continuous aerial surveillance of trade routes. The purpose of patrolling is only to protect Pakistan’s trade routes. To ensure security, Pakistan Navy warships are always patrolling the Arabian Sea to ensure a constant presence.

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