February 8 will be the day of victory for the people of Hub & Lasbela: Zehri


HUB (APP): Senior leader of Pakistan People’s Party, President of Hub district and candidate for PB-21, Asif Ali Zardari’s spokesman for Balochistan, Mir Ali Hassan Zehri has said that the increasing popularity of the People’s Party in Hub and Labela has put the opponents to sleep because they know that they have not done anything for the people of Hub and Lasbela and where they are going to vote, they are facing the wrath of the people. People are demanding an accountability from them.

He was addressing the joining programs of Pakistan People’s Party in Chezel abad and Jam Colony in which hundreds of people joined the Peoples Party regularly. Meanwhile, upon reaching Chizel abad, Ibrahim Palal and other dignitaries received and welcomed Mir Ali Hassan Zehri. On this occasion, a large number of people were present in the hall.

Mir Ali Hassan Zehri welcomed and congratulated those who joined the Pakistan Peoples Party for joining the party by supporting the right and trusting us. Under the leadership of Mir Magsi Khan Shambani Magsi, Mir Asif Shambani Magsi, Saad Shambani Magsi Farhan, Shambani Mags, Sameer Shambani Magsi, Rehan Shambani Magsi, Saleem Shambani Magsi, Mir Yasir Magsi, Arslan Palal, Ghulam Hussain Rind, Amjad Ali Rind and hundreds of other colleagues has formally joined the Peoples Party and reiterated their determination that they will make Mir Ali Hassan Zehri successful in the next elections with a huge majority.

While Speaking on this occasion, Mir Ali Hassan Zehri said that our opponents have only been talking for forty years while the fact is that they have turned Hub and Lasbela into ruins. Bhutani brothers have only filled their pockets while they have no concern with the problems of the people.

There are many problems including health, education, employment, clean drinking water, roads, sewerage, but our opponents have not paid any attention to this, while we will focus on these public problems on a priority basis. Mir Ali Hassan Zehri said that we have got released funds of more than 4 billion for these areas with our personal efforts, but the Bhutani brothers have taken a stay order against public projects, which is openly anti-people act.

The people are questioning why Bhutani Sahib continued to take anti-people actions. He said that where were the Bhutani brothers during the flood disasters last year when life was suffering and the people here were starving and thirsty in the cold weather.

We have provided rations, tents and other necessary items to thousands of people according to our standards, which made their lives a little easier.

Mir Ali Hassan Zehri further said that the people are the axis of our politics and serving the people is our aim.  Addressing the event, Mir Ali Hassan Zehri said that the rejected elements should explain how they can claim that they are the well-wishers of the region when the reality is that they are obstructing our every good initiative taken for the people.  Mir Ali Hassan Zehri said that he does not understand what the people of Hub and Lasbela have done to Bhutani Sahib that they obstruct every good initiative.

Mir Ali Hassan Zehri assured the people of Hub and Lasbela that the way the people have expressed their trust in Pakistan People’s Party and us, we will fulfill it and Pakistan People’s Party under the leadership of President Asif Ali Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. He said that rapid development and prosperity is the right of the people of Hub and Lasbela and we will will be defeated opponents by force of votes and no one will be allowed to obstruct the projects of public interest.

Mir Ali Hassan Zehri said that the people know their good and bad and the people of Hub and Lasbela with the power of their vote. For development and prosperity, on February 8, they will defeat the vested interests and start a new journey of development and prosperity by supporting the Pakistan People’s Party.

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