Visa made mandatory at Pak-Afghan border


ISLAMABAD (TLTP): The Pakistan-Afghanistan Torkham border has introduced a new visa policy for drivers of commercial vehicles.

According to the announcement by the Government of Pakistan, drivers will need a passport and a visa to enter Pakistan from Afghanistan and vice versa. Previously, drivers could cross the border with only a passport.

The new policy is aimed at facilitating legal trade, enhancing security and preventing smuggling across the border. Officials of the two countries met at the Torkham border to discuss the travel documents and agreed on the visa requirement for transit.

Traders and truck drivers welcomed the move and expressed their satisfaction with the new policy. They said that it will benefit both the countries and the businessmen.

Customs Inspector Alam Zeb said that the visa implementation stamp is in use worldwide as per the law and that it will benefit both the people and the businessmen. Incharge FIA Inamul Haque said that the new visa policy will make it easier to keep a record of those who cross the border.


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