All the election held from 1947 to-date have been stolen: Shahid Khaqan


ISLAMABAD (Online): Former Prime Minister (PM) Shahid Khaqan Abbasi while declaring the three major political parties of the country as failed parties has said these parties have no solution to the problems facing the people.

“Election is sacred process and country will suffer if it is made controversial.  Decision for making new party will be made after election, he said this while talking to media men outside NAB office Rawalpindi Thursday.

He held NAB and anti corruptions institutions are being used for manipulation in election and politics. Election is sacred process. It will cause harm to country if it is made controversial.

He underlined Nawaz Sharif was his Quaid. However there are differences in the party. I left party due to this.

He remarked this system is not destined to run. It did not run in 2018 nor will it run now.

He stated a notice has been issued to my spokesperson instead of me. This is tactics of harassing during the process of election.

Love letters kept on coming to me from anti corruption during PTI government. When I said I am MNA then anti corruption apologized .

It was sent to me by writing on plain paper that I committed corruption in building road. I have been accused that I have awarded contracts of building two roads to my favorite contractors. When I have reached here then it has been said the roads have not been built.

I ask caretaker Prime Minister (PM) to make election non-controversial. It is gratifying that I am not part of election which creates chaos in the country, he added.

He observed all the election from 1947 todate have been stolen

He remarked NAB and Anti corruption institutions have become the most corrupt institutions in the country. Who will hold them accountable.

The narrative to give respect to vote was constitutional, he held.

I have quit election and not quit politics, he underlined.

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