Terrorists’ attacks, security threats can’t affect democratic process: Achakzai

Jan criticizes Amnesty International’s report about Islamabad dharna; urges AI to refrain from becoming instrument of propaganda by separatist groups


QUETTA (6AM Report): The caretaker Provincial Minister for Information, Jan Achakzai has categorically stated that there are challenges of law and order and security threats exist in different parts of the country including Balochistan, however, these threats and subversive acts can’t affect the democratic process and as such the general elections would be conducted on the given time.

He noted that the incidents of terrorists may occur in Balochistan, Islamabad and different other parts of the country as the security threats have been received., still the democratic process can’t affected due to these threats or terrorists’ attacks.

The Information Minister was addressing a hurriedly called press conference at the Civil Secretariat on Thursday.

Jan Achakzai on the occasion particularly criticized the negative propaganda campaign run by Mah Rang Baloch against Pakistan and said that the people of Pakistan including Balochistan would never accept the disgusting campaign.

He said that the people of Islamabad totally rejected the protest sit-in staged by Baloch Yakjehti Committee under leadership of Mah Rang Baloch.

Jan Achakzai also lashed out at the Amnesty International’s report about the BYC protest. He noted with concern that on one hand, AI expresses such grave concern over the state of Mah Rang-led long march, while on the other hand, it has shut it’s eyes from the gross human rights violation being done by the Indian armed forces in the Occupied Kashmir.

He said that this hypocritic and prejudiced attitude of AI also negates the association considered about the human rights violation.

The demand of withdrawing legal action against those involved in the illegal activities also sets a dangerous example, the Minister Information regretfully pointed out, and adding demanded of the AI to maintain its impartiality and refrain from becoming instrument of propaganda by the separatist groups.

He said that the AI seems concerned to appease the separatist groups instead of making impartial reporting.

He said that the terrorist organizations are responsible for cruelties against the innocent people through terrorism attacks.

He said that mischievous propaganda was made against Pakistan by them, which is condemnable.

Referring the message of Chief of Army Staff General Syed Asim Munir for youth, the Minister Information maintained that they (youth) should have confidence on their homeland, nation, culture, civilization and above all on themselves. They (youngsters) are the custodians of bright traditions of the nation and country, he added.

Jan Achakzai said that we surely welcome the constructive criticism on the issues of human rights. But, some international organizations depend on the wrong narrative spread by the separatist groups having personal interests and unauthentic claims.

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