Bilawal pledges Karachi, Tharparkar Train Project


THARPARKAR (PPI): Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has vowed that he will launch a train project from Karachi to Tharparkar when his party comes into power.

Addressing a rally in Tharparkar, he emphasized his unique approach to politics, distinguishing himself as the sole leader directly engaging with the people for their votes, contrasting with other politicians whom he accused of being looking somewhere else.

Bilawal Bhutto pledged to construct three million homes for the underprivileged, alongside a commitment to doubling their income, should he assume office.

He reiterated the PPP initiation of the Thar Coal project, emphasizing its potential for economic growth and job creation.

Bilawal Bhutto rejected claims regarding the origin of the Thar Coal project by PML-N, insisting that if it had been Nawaz Sharif’s endeavor, the current situation would have been different.

He announced plans to advance the Thar Coal project post-February 8.

The former foreign minister said the PPP would arrange trains from Tharparkar to Karachi so the people could travel back and forth easily.

Bilawal Bhutto warned against the predatory intentions of those eyeing the Karoonjhar area, accusing them of aiming to exploit natural resources for personal gain.

He issued a stern warning, declaring that any attempt to encroach upon Karoonjhar Mountain would be met with severe consequences.

Bilawal Bhutto criticized Nawaz Sharif’s alleged efforts to exert influence over Pakistan, accusing his associates of contesting elections in Sindh.

Bilawal Bhutto emphasized his commitment to defending the interests of the people and ensuring accountability in governance.

Bilawal Bhutto also criticized the current administration, accusing them of neglecting the people’s interests, especially in Karachi. He accused the ruling party of orchestrating electoral maneuvers in Sindh, particularly in Karachi, to maintain their grip on power.

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