SAPM inaugurates welfare projects worth Rs 1.8 bln for Balochistan


ISLAMABAD (APP): Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Jawad Sohrab Malik on Sunday inaugurated a series of welfare projects worth Rs 1.8 billion for Industrial and Mine workers in Balochistan.

He said these initiatives, funded by the Workers Welfare Fund (WWF), are poised to significantly enhance living standards and educational opportunities for mine and industrial workers across the province, said a news release issued here.

He further said the cornerstone of these projects is the establishment of a Girls High School with Staff Residences in Muslim Bagh, Balochistan, designed to provide quality education to the children of 5,605 mine and industrial workers, symbolizing a substantial leap towards gender inclusivity and educational accessibility in the area.

Constructed over 63,000 square feet and with an investment of Rs 700 Million, the school and residences represent a beacon of hope for the future generation of Balochistan, he said and stressed on ensuring that the project is completed within 24 months.

Addressing the pressing need for adequate housing, Malik also laid the foundation stone for 100 worker residence quarters in Muslim Bagh. This housing project, covering 5 acres and costing an estimated Rs 900 Million will provide secure and comfortable homes for 100 families, directly tackling the housing shortage that plagues the workers’ community. The project is set to complete with 24 months.

In a gesture of continued commitment to education, SAPM celebrated the completion of an educational project in Sibi, Balochistan, initially slated for completion in 2016. This school now opens its doors to the children of approximately 4,000 mine workers, further underscoring the government’s dedication to workers’ welfare.

“These projects are not just buildings; they are the foundation of dreams for many families. They stand as a testament to the government’s unwavering commitment to uplift the lives of our workers and their families,” stated Malik during the inauguration. “We are determined to continue this journey, ensuring that every worker and their children have access to the resources they need to thrive,” he added.

He praised the collaborative efforts of the WWF and the Workers Welfare Board Balochistan (WWBB) in bringing these projects to fruition. He emphasized the importance of expediting project cycles and expanding initiatives to reach smaller worker communities, ensuring swift and widespread benefits.

Malik’s directives to the WWF management to increase funding and extend more comprehensive relief to workers reaffirm his dedication to enhancing the welfare of workers nationwide. This initiative is a significant stride towards fulfilling the Prime Minister’s vision of a prosperous and equitable future for all Pakistani workers, backed by a robust Rs 1.8 billion investment from the Workers Welfare Fund.


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