Daniyal rejects NA-75 election results, alleges rigging & arrests


NAROWAL (ANN): Daniyal Aziz, the candidate of NA-75, has rejected the election results of his constituency and claimed that they were reversed.

He said that he was leading till 3 pm on the election day, but then the result changed in favour of his opponent, who got 99000 votes from 6000 votes.

He also alleged that the returning officer (RO) was changed one day before the election and that he was appointed by Ahsan Iqbal, the former minister.

He said that 147 presiding officers were changed at the last minute and that most of them did not issue Form 45 to the polling staff. He said that he saw the presiding officer leaving the RO’s office crying and that the original form 45 was replaced by a new blank one. He also said that he, his son and his wife were arrested on the election day and that his colleagues were arrested instead of unknown persons in the cases.

He said that he and all the other candidates of NA-75 refused to recognize this election and that it was the worst election in the history of Pakistan.

He said that countries around the world were raising questions about the election and that new tactics were used to rig it. He compared this election to the era of Musharraf and Zia and said that it was not a fair and free election.

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