Protest to continue till acceptance of demands: Asghar calls for honouring public opinion and mandate 


By Sardar Khondai

CHAMAN: The Provincial President of Awami National Party (ANP) Asghar Khan Achakzai has stated that we respect the public opinion and as such no one could be allowed to change the public mandate by force at all.

He urged the Election Commission to announce the election results of Chaman according to Form-45 honouring the public opinion.

In a statement issued here on Saturday from the ANP Bacha Khan markaz, Asghar Achakzai said that if our demands were not accepted then the continuing protest would be prolonged all over the province.

Meanwhile, while addressing the protest sit-in in Chaman, the provincial president of ANP condemned the alleged rigging in PB-51, Chaman.

He said that we took part in the election campaign in Chaman for one and half month.

We went to the people and shared with them our manifesto as a result they supported us on February 8.

While people gave opinion in our favour, but the candidate who was on fourth number was declared successful on behest of the “hidden forces”.

Meanwhile, protest was lodged against alleged rigging in the PB-51 elections outside the Deputy Commissioner office Chaman.

The head of Mazloom Ulasi Tehreek Sadiq Khan Achakzai and others addressed the protest.

The Quetta-Chaman highway was also blocked at Kozhak.



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