Balochistan voters reject nationalist narratives, demand progress: Jan


QUETTA (APP): Balochistan Information Minister Jan Achakzai on Tuesday declared that the recent election results demonstrate the unequivocal rejection of ethnic nationalist narratives by voters, who instead extended their support to mainstream parties like PPP and PMLN.

“This resounding rejection should serve as a wake-up call for ethnic nationalist parties to reassess their grievances and their habit of maligning the state,” he stated.

He criticized the use of “missing persons” and “exploitation of resources” as mere talking points to deceive the electorate and disparage the state.

He said that the days of blind faith in their ability to bring positive change are long gone, the people demand tangible results and genuine progress.

Minister Achakzai further urged ethnic nationalist parties to abandon disruptive tactics that harm ordinary citizens.

“Blocking roads, highways, and essential services is not only counterproductive but deeply unfair to the very people they claim to represent,” he emphasized, saying they should pursue legal avenues, like tribunals, to address their concerns.

He outlined the true needs of Balochistan: ending corruption, ensuring merit-based appointments, and responsible resource management.

“These are the issues that truly matter to the people,” he said. “All political parties, including ethnic nationalists, must prioritize the well-being and progress of Balochistan,”  he noted.

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