Judges also answerable, not all decisions are correct: IHC CJ

Asks journalists to criticize judicial decisions, but report facts accurately


ISLAMABAD (PPI): Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Aamir Farooq has said that judges are also answerable and that he did not believe all decisions they deliver are correct.

The CJ made these remarks while addressing the swearing-in ceremony of high court reporters in Islamabad. He also felicitated the newly elected cabinet of the reporters association.

In his speech, CJ Farooq said if there were mistakes in the high court verdicts, they were challenged in the Supreme Court. “Every institution has its own scope and respect,” the CJ added.

He further asked the journalists to criticize judicial decisions for sure, but cautioned them to report facts accurately. “You have the power to inform people about court proceedings,” he remarked.

People listened to reporters, he went on to say, adding that the judiciary’s job is to make decisions, and when a decision is signed, it comes into the public domain.

Sometimes what happens is that an entire judgment is completely different from the tickers running on TV channels, he stressed.

“You have power, use it carefully,” CJ Farooq remarked, asking the reporters to report facts and not make personal remarks.

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