PTI Core Committee calls recounts of votes in Punjab constituencies unconstitutional


ISLAMABAD (ANN): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Core Committee was given detailed briefing by the party legal team pertaining to the current status of cases of PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan and vehemently denounced his detention in the fabricated, politically-motivated and fake cases, demanding that order should be issued for his instant release from the unlawful imprisonment.

PTI Core Committee, in its meeting here on Thursday, discussed various issues especially the inordinate delay of appeals in cases against PTI Chairman-for-life, safety and security of his spouse Bushra Bibi and the unconstitutional recounts of votes in various constituencies in Punjab threadbare.

During the meeting, the PTI legal team gave a comprehensive overview to the core committee regarding the cases of Imran Khan.

The forum strongly condemned the unlawful and unconstitutional incarceration of the PTI Founding Chairman in fake and frivolous cases.

They made it clear that the state’s intentions to subject Imran Khan to political vendetta had been fully evident from the unfair speedy trial in fabricated cases like Toshakhana and Cipher, wherein he was handed down sentences in hasty manner.

PTI Core Committee expressed it annoyance over the unnecessary and unjustifiable tactics to delay the appeals against these black decisions of the courts.

The participants demanded that all the cases against Imran Khan should be proceeded in accordance with the constitution and law and orders should be issued for the release of the PTI Founding Chairman by ending all these false and fabricated cases forthwith.

PTI Core Committee voiced serious concerns regarding the threats to the health and life of former First Lady Ms. Bushra Bibi.

They strongly denounced the detention of Bushra Bibi in Bani Gala sub jail against her will by endangering her life. The forum called for providing fool-proof security to the former first lady and immediate redressal of threats to her health and life.

Moreover, the forum termed the recounting of votes in various constituencies of Punjab as unconstitutional, adding that after February 8, the constitutional seats of PTI were being stolen under the pretext of unconstitutional vote recounts and were being gifted to PML-N unlawfully.

PTI Core Committee reiterated its demand that all these constituencies should also be audited in the light of the actual Form 45 and all PTI’s stolen seats should be returned to the party in accordance with the constitution and law.

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